How to Add Netflix to TV

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Netflix is known as one of the biggest online streaming media, video demand online, and film and television series production as well as the online distribution. This entertainment company was initially the lender of the DVD based mail. With Netflix, you can feed both of your eyes with your favorites movies and TV shows. Nowadays, watching Netflix can be done by just holding your smartphone. Smartphone is one of the most favorites as it can be moved anywhere. However, for some people, TV is still the best one, especially when you are watching Netflix at home. By using TV, you can see the programs of Netflix in the larger one. then, how to add Netflix to TV?

Apparently, that kind of question has been asked by many of the existing customers of Netflix as well as the potential ones. That question is commonly thrown in the online communities and in the Netflix Live Chat or Netflix Center. The good new is that there are many possible methods to enjoy Netflix on your TV at home. You are able to connect your laptop to your TV, use Smart TV, use Chromecase, use Apple TV, or use Roku.

To add Netflix to your Smart TV, the first thing you have to do is to make sure that your TV is the Smart TV. Just do it by checking the documents first so that it can run the apps of streaming. In order to enjoy Netflix on your TV, network is needed. There are some ways to be connected to your home network. All of them depends on your TV. The first one is called the Ethernet. In fact, there are Ethernet ports in some Smart TV. This thing will allow you to connect them to your router directly. The second thing is Wi-Fi. The current Smart TVs consist of the adapters of wireless which you can use to your network. The router of wireless is needed to use the adapter of Wi-Fi on the TV. All you have to do is to open the Network menu on your TV and choose the network of your home.

Then, enter the password if you protect it. The next thing is to open the apps of your Smart TV. Most of Smart TV remotes have the button that can open the list of the apps. Some are in the form of the logo and some are the name of the brand of TV. After that, pick the app of Netflix. You can get one by downloading it from the app store of your Smart TV, in case you cannot find one. Then, please log-in with your account of Netflix. You have to complete the information and pick the profile if there is any. As a note, not all of the Smart TV has the system of Netflix Profile. To use the feature of the streaming video, you need a plan of Netflix. In the last stage, you can browse Netflix using the remote. Just look for the program you want to watch and then press the select menu or the enter one on the remote to watch it.

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