How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month

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There are many people use Netflix. As we know that Netflix has three Netflix plans. Those three plans are Basic plan, Standard plan and Premium plan. Each three plans offer different features and different prices. By the way, how much does Netflix cost per month? Before we discuss about its cost, let us know the explanation about those three plans itself in the text below.

  1. Basic Plan

The first Netflix plan is Basic plan. It is cheapest Netflix plan. If you use this Basic plan, you are going to watch the movie or TV shows only on one screen at the same time. The Basic plan has some restrictions like no HD (High definition).

  1. Standard Plan

The second Netflix plan is Standard plan. It is one of the most popular Netflix plans that used by a lot of people. In this Standard plan, Ultra HD (High definition) is not available, but you do not be worry because it will make you satisfied with the features offer this Standard Plan. Of course, it better than Basic plan. Unlike Basic plan, in this Standard plan, you can watch your favorite movies, TV shows or standup comedy on two screens at the same time. Besides that, this Standard plan is also offer HD (High definition) features with affordable price.

  1. Premium Plan

The third Netflix plan is Premium plan. It is the best plan of Netflix. If you use this Premium plan, you will be not disappointed with this Premium plan because it offer Ultra HD feature. In this Premium plan, you are able to watch your favorite movie or TV shows on four screens at the same time. Of course, the cost of Premium plan is the most expensive than other plans.

Well, we will back to discuss about Netflix cost per month. By the way, what is Netflix plan that you used? How much does cost you pay to your Netflix plan? Actually, the cost of Netflix per month in each country is different. As we said before that each type of Netflix plan is also has different cost. The cheapest Netflix plan cost is Basic plan. Then the most expensive Netflix plan is Premium plan. Here, you are able to see the list of Netflix cost per month in some country.

Netflix Cost in USA

–          Basic : $7.99 Per Month

–          Standard : $9.99 Per Month

–          Premium : $11.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in Australia

–          Basic : A$8.99 Per Month

–          Standard : A$11.99 Per Month

–          Premium : A$14.99 Per Month

Netflix Cost in India

–          Basic : Rs. 500 Per Month

–          Standard : Rs. 650 Per Month

–          Premium : Rs. 800 Per Month

Netflix Cost in UK

–          Basic : €6.99 Per Month

–          Standard : €7.49 Per Month

–          Premium : €8.99 Per Month

This is the list of Netflix cost per month in some country. The last, we hope this article is useful for you. Happy watching

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