How Much Bandwidth Does Netflix Use

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As you probably know, Netflix eats up the fattest chunk of the downstream bandwidth. It is also taking the even bigger bite as the number one subscription video service accounted for 36.5% of all downstream Internet bandwidth. It is during the peak periods in North America for March, as reported by some news.

Netflix has boosted the share of the downstream bandwidth usage in the primetime hours more than the last six months. According to the Canadian bandwidth management system vendor named Sandvine, it was when at 34.5%. Apparently, the video of Netflix keeps consuming more bandwidth than Youtube, Amazone, and Hulu combined at peak periods.

As the comparison, Youtube caused for 15.6% of downstream Internet traffic, web browsing was 6%, the popular secial media named Facebook was 2.7%, Amazon Instant Video was 2.9%, and Hulu was 1.9%. it was all for the same time periods.

When Amazon Instant Video still holds only one fraction of the bandwidth share Netflix, the share itself inched up from 1.9% the last year. On the other hand, Amazon held 2.6% share of peak downstream traffic in the fall of report in 2014. The variation Sandvice attributed to seasonality. A low cost bundle of cable network that launched in February named Dish Network’s Sling TV accounted for less than 1% of the peak period downstream traffic.

For your information, the Internet service of HBO did not even break into the top 10 on the report of Sandvine. However, there is the exception. It was during the Game of Thrones season five premier on April 12 the premium cabler’s two streaming properties which are HBO Go and the standalone HBO now accounted from 4.1% of traffic on one the United States fixed network. It is cuh an increase of more than 300% of heir average levels. Nevertheless, Netflix represented 33.5% of downstream traffic on the same network when Youtube was at 15.7%.

Another thing that caused the bigger spike in the usage of the bandwidth is the Activision’s March 31st release of downloadable content pack “Ascendance” for “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” accounted for 12% of Internet traffic on the North America fixed network on that time, as stated by Sandvine.

Meanwhile, the usage of BitTorrent keeps decline as he percentage of total fixed access bandwidth. Now, it accounts for only 6,3% of total traffic in North America. The percentage is such a downfall from 31% in 2008. The good news is that the overall bandwidth usage has grown over that period. Basically, this one does not mean that torrent activity in absolute terms has dropped.

All the data for Sandvine’s latest report was collected from a representative cross section of the 250 company service provider customers worldwide. All of them are legitable. If you want to know more about how much bandwidth does Netflix use, you can contact the customer service of Netflix. There are several options for you including talking directly to its customer service and joining the Live Chat. Feel free to select which option you like to try.

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