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Every user wants to know how much speed is needed to watch popular services like Netflix without being interrupted. The questions regarding this topic are no joke. Nowadays, streaming services are so popular and every service addresses its speed recommendation differently. The information about it is such a hard thing to find because usually every streaming service tends to hid this kind of information. For you the users of Netflix, here is the Internet download recommendations per stream for playing movies and TV shows via Netflix. so, how many Mbps for Netflix?

The minimum speed requirement for Netflix is 0.5 Mbps (500 Kbps). For viewing on a laptop and a computer, the recommended speed is 1Mb per second. If you use this one, you will see the grainy quality on the large screen. It is like watching the old VHS movie. the second recommendation is 2Mb per second. It is for viewing Standard Definition (HD) video (480p) on a TV. It is about 4Mb per second if you want to get the High Definition (HD) video (720p, 1080p). You need to add one more Mb per second (so it will be 5 Mb per second in total) or more for the best audio and video experience. The last one is 15Mb per second. It is recommended for 4K streaming and also for Ultra HD quality with the HEVC decoder. It will be much better if you get 25Mb per second.

Those recommended speeds are based on one streaming service. so, if you have a plan to have multiple users streaming different programs at the same time, you will need to add the numbers together. For instance, you will need 3 Mbps each, for a total of 9 Mbps, when you want to stream Netflix simultaneously on a laptop, a phone, and a smart TV.

Apparently, when watching or streaming movies or TV shows on Netflix, the service will automatically adjust the quality of the video to its assessment of the Internet speed. If Netflix thinks that you have the slower speed, it will not stream the High Definition (HD) quality video to you, even if the movie or the TV show you are going to watch is available in HD. In this case, you will not experience the interruptions and buffering of the video but the quality of the picture will surely suffer.

Once again, you are recommended to have a connection that is more than 2Mb per second in order to have the smooth Standard Definition (SD) video. For you who want HD, 3D, or 4K, the speed is much higher.

Remember that even if your Internet speed meets the recommended speed of Netflix, you could still have trouble with the quality of your video. If this thing happens, you might have the other devices in your household using up the Internet bandwidth.

If you have any questions regarding how many Mbps for Netflix, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service of Netflix.

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