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Humanity is often lost to the ruthless tyrants. A lot of people have been slaughtered and freedom has been lost in some periods of the history of the humanity. Talking about this kind of situation, there is one of the most memorable and tragic moments in the past known as Holocaust. As a honor those who suffered from that tragedy, here is the list of good Holocaust movies that you can watch on Netflix.

The first one is Schindler’s List. This movie was created in the year of 1993. It focuses on the wealthy businessman named Oskar Schindler. He spends his fortune and risks his life to save 1,100 Jewish men and women in Poland. It reminds everyone that there are the good people in this world who trying to correct the mistakes of others. Steven Spielberg was the one behind this movie. he made the three hour moving story that is cold and cruel and will win your heart. Thanks to the good history line and the amazing actors including Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson, this movie received seven Oscars.

The second one is Nazi Concentration Camps. This 1945 movie is the official documentary report shot by Allied military photographers in German concentration camps. It was taken with the purpose as the proof of the horrors the liberators witnessed.

The title of the third movie is named Remembrance. This one was created in the year of 2011. It is such a romantic story as it is based on the true story of a pair named Jerzy Bielcki and Cyla Cybulska. Both of them fall in love in the concentration camp in World War II. Unfortunately, they became separated during the escape. Each of them assumes that the other had dies. Directed by Anna Justice, this movie will keep you hypnotized for two hours and will break your heart into pieces.

The fourth one is Naked Among Wolves. The movies is taking the place at a concentration camp named Buchenwald. The them itself is at the end of March 1945. In the movie, there is a prisoner named Hans Pippig who discovers in a carrying case of the Jewish child (incoming prisoner). If Nazi finds out this, that child is sure to die. Basically, this one portrays the horrors of Nazi that inflicts on non Jewish political prisoners. You will be served with the excellent acting as well as the beautiful cinematography.

The last recommended movie with Holocaust theme is entitled Run Boy run. It was made in the year of 2013 based on the bestseller by Uri Orlev. This one is talking about an eight year old boy named Srulik. He flees from Warsaw ghetto in the year of 1942. At first, he tries to survive alone in the forest. A few moment later, he converts as Christian orphan named Jurek on the Polish farm. This one is worth to watch even it is kind of not easy to watch. By watching the movie, you will be blessed by the young actor who play Srulik or Jurek. He did the amazing job on portraying the character as the raw emotion and pain of having to be the run for 3 years in the Polish countryside can be captured well.

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