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What comes to your mind when you think of good kids movies? Is it animated cartoons? Is it computer generated graphics? is it puppets? or is it teenagers saving the world? you are not wrong. However, the good kids movies do not always fall into one narrow type.

For you who are looking for good kids movies, Netflix can be the first option. Netflix has a lot of excellent movies for kids of all ages and many of the best are designed to entertain the adult too including mothers and fathers. Here is the list of good kids movies on Netflix in no particular order.

The first one is The Last Unicorn. The last unicorn is such the beautiful one alive in this world. sadly, she is lonely. In order to find where the other fellow unicorns have gone, she has to leave her forest and go on the long journey. On her way, she joined in by the ineffective wizard called Schmendrick. Aside from him, the other ones are a prince and a second rate outlaw. Their story of life teach them all the importance of the stories and beauty in the world.

The second one is E.T. the Extra Terrestial. E.T. is known as the nickname of an alien. This alien finds himself stranded on earth. Fortunately, a little boy named Elliot discovers him near his home in California. This boy brings that alien into his house and then introduces him to his older brother and his little sister. All of the kids think that they have to keep him in secret from the grownups. They decide to hide this alien with the stuffed animals in the closet and throw the sheet over him at Halloween. Basically, they pretend that he is a ghost. Unluckily, ET is discovered by the government when he gets sick. What happens next? Go stream this movie on Netflix now!

The third one is Kubo and the Two Strings. This one is such a stunning stop motion movie. Kubo is known as the young boy in feudal Japan. He has the power to play the magical music. He makes a quest to find the suit of armor owned by his father. Along his way, he find the brestfriends including a monkey and a beetle. He also find the magical sword, and then faces his grandfather who is no one than Raiden, the Moon King.

The fourth one is An American Tail. This movie is about a character named Fievel. Fievel is the name of the young Russian mouse. All of his family immigrates to New York City. Something bad happens along his way. He and his family get separated . The worst thing is that America turns out to be more dangerous than the cat free paradise they had heard of. The journey of Fievel back to his family in really touching. This also can be too scary for the youngest ones.

After reading the list above, which one you are going to watch tonight?

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