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A good kid movie is a rare thing. Nowadays, everything tends to be more adult, including the kid movies. In this modern era, there are a lot of kid movies that have the love theme. In this case, the love is towards the opposite sex. It is such a sad thing when kids have to watch the movie that they should not have to. Fortunately, there are plenty of directors who make the good kid movies. Every kid is still able to enjoy the kid movies with the different genres such as thrilling, adventures, animals, comedy, and so on. One of the most favorites is comedy. Then, where to watch funny kid movies? The best place you should consider is Netflix. Here is the list of funny kid movies on Netflix that you should try to watch.

The first one is entitled Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. It is a 1989 movie. This movie was directed by the director named Joe Johnston. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is counted as one of the excellent movies. It was so popular around ‘90s. in this movie, there is a perfect guy who finally succeeds in building the machine that accidentally shrinks his kids and the neighbor kids to the size of specks of dust. Then, how is the further story? Go watch it now on Netflix.

The second funny kid movie on the list is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. This one was made in the year of 1985 by Tim Burton. By watching this movie, you will be brought into the bizarre o world of Pee wee Herman. He is an excitable and ageless protagonist that hopelessly attached to his bike. Unluckily, his bike is stolen in the board daylight. This situation makes Herma travels across the United States to reclaim his baby. Along his way, you will see some unforgettable characters like Herman, his short love interest named Dottie, the horrifying ghost known as Large Marge, rich Francis and a dog owned by Herman called Speck. Basically, this movie is worth to watch by both adult and kids.

The next one that you have to try is called Home. It is considered new as it was premiered in the year of 2015 by the director named Tim Johnson. This movie is such a hammy one. It introduces the kids to colonialism. For you the parent of young kids, Home is a good start if you want to introduce your kids to the joys of science fiction. Home is about a character named Oh (played by Jim Parsons). He is an endearingly loquacious member of the alien race called the Boovs, bestfriends Tip (played by Rihanna), a teenager looking for her mother in Australia. Why Australia? It is because Australia is where the Boovs relocate all of humanity after the “friendly” invasion of Earth. It is which they deem the suitable planet to call their new place after escaping from their enemy known as the Gorg. Every kid will have a new experience after watching this movie.

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