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Everyone loved food. Food is one of the basic necessity in life. There is no a single day without talking about food. Food is here and food is there. Food can be blend with the other aspects of life including movies. For those movie freak and food lovers, a combination of two of them can be such a heaven to watch. Here is the list of food movies on Netflix.

The first food movie on Netflix you have to watch is woman on Top. In this movie, an actress named Penelope Cruz portrays the character named Isabella. She is the reowned Brazilian chef who needs to be controlled all the times as she has the severe motion sickness. Isabela flees to San Fransisco after finding out that her husband (Murilo Benicio) is in bed with another woman. In San Fransisco, she makes it big as the host of the nightly cooking show known as “Passion food”. The movie is such a quirky, charming, and formulatic one.

The second one is called Sweet Bean. This is a 2015 Japanese movie. this one is about the lonely baker who hires the 76 year old woman as his assistant. In this movie, you will be amazed by how to make the perfect dorayaki.

The third title of the movie on Netflix that highlights food is The Birth of Sake. Do you now sake? Right, it is the famous traditional drink from Japan. Actually, this movie is the documentary one. This one follows the season a the family owned by Yoshida Brewery. This family has been making the artisanal sake for more than 140 years. It is sure tat you will know more about sake by watching this movie along with the fading way of life.

The next one is Eat with Me. This movie was released in the year of 2014. This is such a good romantic dramedy. Eat with Me is about a mother, a son, and the power of food. Why does it called the power of food? It is because food is the bridge between this family. In the movie, there is a character named Elliot who is a chef whose his Chinese restaurant is failing. Then, his mother called Emma lives with him after she divorces with her husband.

Another one you should watch is entitled Cooked. This one is based on the book of Michael Pollan with the same title. This movie is not just about what we eat but it is about what we live. It delivers four installments which are fire, earth, air, and water. In addition, it also explores everything from baking bread to the art of fermentation.

That is the list of food movies on Netflix. What movie attracts you the most? Which one you are going to watch tonight? Please prepare everything such as foods and tissue before watching those movies because your stomach might be craving and you might be drooling just by watching foods on the screen. Have fun!

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