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Almost everyone loves dog. There is no doubt about this fact. For some people, dogs are special. There are a lot of sites that dedicated to all things related to dogs including their cuteness, their health, and their endearing quirky nature.

Are you a dog lover and a movie freak? When you are into documentaries, true stories, or animated flicks, watching  movies about dogs and their special connection to humans can make your heart warm, even the coldest heart. Are you looking for some good god documentaries to watch? If you are a subscriber of Netflix, then you are in luck. It is because Netflix has plenty of great documents of dog. The list of the dog documentary below are some documentaries that are not only entertaining and informative, the might just spur a dog enthusiast into action.

The first recommended dog documentary on Netflix is called Second Chance Dogs. This documentary is about the facility dedicated to giving neglected gods a second chance. Apparently, some of those have never had much human contact and some have never lived in the environment like home. In reality, those dogs are paralyzed with fear when they first arrived. With the patience and commitment, the transformation those dogs make is quite amazing.

The second one that you have to watch is A Dog’s Life. This one focuses at how the dogs see things in everyday life. This thing gives the interesting perspective on how dogs perceive the world around them. This show looks at the variety of ways in which the dogs navigate through daily life. It will take you a closer look at how dogs fix the problems and how they interact with people and one another.

The third one is A Man and His dogs. This one is the twp episode series. It looks at the origins of the dogs and how they have become so trainable. In the first episode, it will look at the dogs origins and the difference domestication has had by studying wolves and dingoes. In the second one, it will explore how highly trainable the dogs are by visiting some working Border Collies and the search and rescue dog.

The next one is entitled The Champions. This one tells the story of the dogs rescued from the Michael Vick dig fighting ring and given the second chance. There are a lot of dogs in this documentary. One of the most famous is Cherry. When he arrived at Best Friends, he was so traumatized and paralyzed with fear. At that time, he literally could not walk. For about two years, every caregiver at Sanctuary helped him to get out of the darkness. In the end, Cherry finally learned how to trust. Today, he is so playful just like any other loving dogs in the loving home. The other characters of the documentary are Little Red, Handsome Dan, Mel, Jonny Justice, Slater, and so on.

So, which one you are going to watch tonight? If the list is not enough, you can try dog by dog, and Pet Fooled.

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