Do You Need Xbox Live for Netflix

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Netflix is considered of the top rated American entertainment companies in this whole world. This one was founded by the genius Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29th, 1997. Created in Scotts Valley, California, this online streaming service offers the wide variety of media content in the exchange for the modest monthly fee. Once you subscribed on Netflix, you will get a lot of benefits from Netflix’s extensive catalog, including movies, television series, original productions, and documentaries. Every program on Netflix  can be watched from any devices such as computer, laptop, console, smartphone, or tablet.

Talking about the console, you cannot exclude  Xbox. Xbox is one of the most used devices to watch Netflix. you can instantly stream thousands of your favorite movies na TV shows on Xbox. For those who are new, streaming movies or TV shows on Netflix using Xbox must be not easy. There might be a confusion on your head as everything is new. In Xbox, there is a thing called Xbox Live. In the relation to this, some users ask a confusion question in the communities about Xbox Live and the things related to Netflix.

The question is, do you need Xbox Live for Netflix? the answer to the question is yes. You need Xbox Live for Netflix. Apparently, you cannot be online on any kinds of Xbox without being signed into Xbox Live, including Xbox 360 and Xbox One. In this case, if you are not signed into Xbox Live, you cannot use any features of the Internet on  your Xbox. In addition, you will only be able to access installed content and disks.

Once again, you need Xbox Live for Netflix. Some people assume that you need to have the Xbox Live Gold (the one that you pay for) account for Netflix. In fact, this is not correct at all. If you do not have Xbox Live Gold, you can sill use the Xbox Live Silver as the alternative to use most of the online services. This silver one is free. The gold one is only needed to be able to talk in parties and play most games online. In addition, some of them also do not require the gold one.

For you who want to use Xbox Live Silver, here is the information of how to use it for Netflix. Even if it is free, apparently, you still need to sign up for the silver account that is just the account to log onto the Xbox Live. Then, please install the app of Netflix. After that, log in to the app with your Netflix account.

If you face any difficulties or have any questions related to Xbox Live and Netflix, you can contact the customer service of Netflix. There are some ways that will bring you to reach its representative. You can talk directly to the customer service of Netflix by calling via the app or chatting via LiveChat. The last one is featured in the official website of Netflix.

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