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Everyone loves dinosaurs. Everything about it is interesting. How far do you know about this magnificent creature? Before humans stayed in this Earth, this planet was home to dinosaurs. It is said that dinosaurs inhabited the Earth 65 million years ago, but they still puzzle us. Dinosaurs surrounded by such a mystery so they were always the hot topic in a lot of things including books, cartoons, and movies. If you are so into science and interested in dinosaurs, you might want to check this list of dinosaur movies on Netflix.

The first dinosaur movie on Netflix that on the list is Jurassic Park. This movie is one of the American science fiction adventure movie. Steven Spielberg was the director of the movie and Kathleen Kennedy and Gerald R. Molen were the producers. Jurassic Park is about the industrialist named John Hammond who have made the theme park known as Jurassic Park along with his bioengineering company InGen. This theme park is located in Isla Nublar, a Costa Rican island which is populated with cloned dinosaurs.

The second one is called The Land Before Time. It is a 1988 movie directed and produced by Don Bluth. This movie features dinosaurs living in the prehistoric times. The plot of the movie focuses on the young Longneck known as Littlefoot. Apparently, he is an orphaned because his mother is killed by the Sharptooth. Littlefoot tries to escape from the hunger and looks for the Great Valley, an area that is spared from devastation. Along his journey, this animal meets four fellow companions. Those are Cera the Threehorn, ducky the Bigmouth, Petri the Flyer, and Spike the Spiketail. In this movie, yo will see the issues of the prejudice between the different species and the hardships that should face in their journey.

The next recommended one is entitled Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs. This movie is the American computer animated comedy adventure one directed by Carlos Saldanha. The story of the movie is about Sid who is being taken by the female Tyrannosaurus after he stole her eggs. This situation leads the rest of the herd to rescue Sid in the tropical lost place inhabited by dinosaurs beneath the ice.

If the list above does not enough, you can try to watch Journey to The Center of The Earth. His one is an 2008 movie American 3D science fantasy adventure movie starring Brendan Fraser, Anita Briem, and Josh Hutcherson. The movie tells the story about Max Anderson (played by Jean Michel Pare) who is being chased by the Giganotosaurus when he discovers the fissure vent. Apparently, he tries to jump across but he falls while calling out the name of his brother. Several years later, a son of Max named Sean Anderson (portrayed by Josh Hutherson) visits his uncle who is no one than Max’s brother. His uncle is a vulcanologist called Trevor Anderson. There is a box consists of a book that belongs to Max. What is the relation between the book and Max? Watch the movie on Netflix to find out.

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