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If you want to catch up on the great movies and television shows, Netflix is the fantastic place. This service has a lot of great option. the recent selection of movie Netflix often leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to more recent movies. Usually, Netflix land three or four big movie titles every year. However, the rest of the movie selection tends to be a lot of filler. This thing makes it difficult to wade through it to find the best gems. Here is the list of the current movies on Netflix.

The first current movies on the list is Gerald’s Game. This movie is one of the American psychological horror movies. This one was directed and edited by Mike Flanagan an written by Jeff Howard and Flanagan. Gerald’s Game is based on one of the novels of Stephen King with the same title. The movie is starring Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood. The story of the movie follows a couple named Gerald and Jessie Burlingame who arrive at the isolated lake house in Fairhope, Alabama. They are there for he romantic weekend away and in the effort to save their strained marriage and rekindle their sex life. In the movie, there is a scene when Gerald suggest Jessie to be handcuffed and she agrees. When he takes the Viagra tablet, his wife calls out to the stray dog with some steak and leaves the front door opened a little bit. What happens next? Go watch it now!

The second one as part of the current movies on Netflix is called Carol. This is a British-American romantic drama movie directed by Todd Haynes. The actress named Cate Blanchett plays the main character called Carol Aird. Carol Aird is the woman who is going through divorce and a bitter custody battle with her husband. Then, she involves the love affair with Therese. Apparently, Therese is the young sales assistant and aspiring photographer. In short, the story of Carol is about the forbidden love affair between the aspiring female photographer and the older woman who is going through the difficult divorce. This movie is not as smooth as it seems. In fact, it had the troubled development period, facing problems with financing, rights, scheduling conflicts, and accessibility.

The next current movie on Netflix you might want to watch is The Founder. This is the 2016 movie. directed by John Lee Hancock and written by Robert Siegel, this movie is known as the American biographical drama movie. this movie stars an actor named Michael Keaton who plays as a businessman named Ray Kroc. It portrays the story of the creation of the McDonald’s fast food chain. Aside from Keaton, there are also Nick Offermand and John Carroll Lynch who play as Richard and Maurice McDonald. In the movie, Ray Kroc travels around the country. He is trying to convince drive in restaurant owners to buy the milkshake mixture that he is selling. Sadly, no one bites except the random outfit called McDonald’s. Do you want to know the full story? Watch it now on Netflix!

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