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For some people, car is one of the most favorite things in life. Many people love cars, many others love watching the cars do what they do the best in the action movies. Everyone loves watching cars just go, whether it is stunt such as drifting and taking a jump or outright car chases along the huge stretch of the highway or via the labyrinthine city streets.

Then, what is the best place to enjoy car movies? Most of millenials will answer Netflix. It can be understood because Netflix is like a heaven for movie freak and TV show addict. For you who are looking for the list of car movies to watch on Netflix, here is the list.

The first car movie on Netflix is entitled Drive. This one is one of the indie darlings of the early 2010s. This movie is starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. Gosling portrays as the unnamed stunt driver of few words for Hollywood movies while he is moonlighting as the gateway driver for the biggest bidder. You will be amazed by several shots of him doing what he does best, including wrecking cars and getting out in one piece. Aside from those extreme scenes, the movie consists of some moments of harsh violence with the mob deal gone bad, redemption, and revenge. Fortunately, there are several scents in the movie that feature Gosling grimly chewing the toothpick behind the wheel of the 1973 Chevelle and the other vehicles. The other things that will make you you droll are the iconic police evasion that opens the movie, the hypnotic car chase from the pawn shop, and when Gosling rams into one of the vehicles of the villain.

The second one that you should check out is Furious 7. It is such a tough thing to decide which movie from Fast and the Furious franchise is the best car movie of the lot. However, it seems like the seventh one is the best favorite one as it is not just being the most successful but also the most fun to watch. In the movie, there are hand to hand fights to be sure. There are also some other pulse pounding action scenes between the starts of the movie. What more amazing is the existence of many iconic moments in this movie. It is from the scene where the two cars go sailing off the cliff to the 12,000 foot air drop scene and from the Lockheed C-130 Hercules to any of the chases that shower the movie. anyone who loves driving will enjoy the movie.

The third recommended one is called The Matrix Reloaded. This sequel of Metrix has one of the best car chases in the history of the cinema. This one features the car chase that moves from car to car to semi truck to motorcycle in one scene.

Do you want more? If those titles mentioned above are not enough, you can try to watch the other ones such as Journey to Le Mans and Gonchi. So, what car movie you are going to watch on Netflix tonight? Do not forget to prepare popcorn, some snack, and drink to accompany you.

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