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Are you a movie freak? Are you also a dance enthusiast? Do you love a thing like musical? If you are a fan of all of them, then you can consider Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies are known as other kind of movies, regardless of genre that stop everything just to have the enormous dance number right in the middle of the scene. Bollywood is the one that will definitely make you want to jump out of your seat and dance.

Then, where to watch those Bollywood movies? Apparently, you do not have to watch on the Indian television stations to enjoy Bollywood movies. Netflix has it all. The Bollywood catalog of Netflx has a multitude movies that bring the best out of the earnest Indian cinema. You might be surprise at a lot of good Indian movies on Netflix, both new and classics. Here is the list of Bollywood movies on Netflix that you can enjoy.

The first one is Black Friday. It is one of the best movies directed by a director named Anurag Kashyap. This movie has the equal parts shocking and divulging. Black Friday focuses on the dire consequences of serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in the year of 1993. It caught the country off guard and shook its foundations. This movie is such an attempt to exhibit the conflicting perspectives of the perpetrators, law enforcement officials, and the victims of the gruesome attack.

The second one is Shahid. This movie is known as the biographical one based on the life of the contentious lawyer named Shahid Azmi. He is the one who met the tragic end. An actor named Rajkumar Rao portray this protagonist Shahid. Shahid is whose life constantly on the line, oscillating between the worlds of hope and despair. The movies got the spotlight in India due to its close proximity with the things surrounding Islamic terrorism.

The third one is Manorama Six Feet Under. This movie is one on the anti-mainstream movies. When this movie comes, Bollywood was rife with the mainstream musicals in 2007. The fact is that this mystery drama is anomalous as it is splendid. Manorama Six Feet Under is about the grim reality of the Indian bureaucracy that lives off the frailties of the bourgeois. It also does not leave the unturned with its gritty depiction of the horrors.

The last recommended Bollywood movies on Netflix is entitled Sarkar. This movie was directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Just like any other movies of his, it tends to divide the opinion of the viewers. Apparently, when it comes down to his 2005 political thriller Sarkar, this movie is indeed the unequivocal masterpiece as it liked by the general public. Starred by the top actors including Amitabh Bachchan. This movie is the dreaded story of the political infighting and immoral nexus between the law enforcers and the underworld.

Did you already decide which Bollywood movies on Netflix to watch this evening? Do not forget to prepare your popcorn and be ready to dance along with them.

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