Best War Documentaries on Netflix

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Netflix has everything including television show, comedies, dramas, and Oscar-winners. This popular streaming also has a lot of collection of documentaries including the list about the military operations, wars, and historical accounts. If you are a history enthusiast and want to learn more about history, or just someone who interested in the war, you might check out the list of the best war documentaries on Netflix.

The first best war documentaries on Netflix is Tell Spring Not To Come This Year. This 2015 movie was directed by Saeed Taji Farouky and Michael McEvoy. The theme of the movie is around the time when the US forces withdrawal from Afghanistan. This movie is about the grim story of one of the ANA’s unit in Helmand province. They have to face the reality of fighting for the first time without the powerful US support. When the American armies who came over to Afghanistan could always look forward to returning home, the Afghani ones have nowhere to go. Afghanistan is their home and unfortunately, war is far from over.

The second one is called Honor Fight. In this movie, you will find a lot of heroes. Three of them are a poet, a plumber, and a postmaster. This movie is about the effort of the town to honor the vets in World War II.

The next best documentary related to war is Restrepo. This one is one of the documentaries about Afghanistan war. Directed by American journalist named Sebastian Junger and British photojournalist named Tim Hetherington, this one focuses on the year that Juger and Hetherington spent in Afghanistan. Both of them embed themselves with the Second Platoon in Afghanistan, chronicling the work of the men, fear, and brotherhood. Actually, the name Restrepo is the name of the medic who was killed in action, Juan Sebastian Restrepo. Then, Restrepo becomes the vital position on the front line of the Afghanistan war.

The fourth one is related to Vietnam war. This documentary is about the gripping story of the Charlie Company that is tracing the journey of error, pain, and camaraderie from boot camp to combat home. Charlie Sheen was narrated the documentary.

If you are looking for the same theme as the fourth one which is Vietnam war, then you might try to watch Last Days in Vietnam and Helicopter Missions: Vietnam Firefight. In the Last Days in Vietnam, there will be the unexpected readblocks threatened the evacuation of the America’s South Vietnamese allies.

For those who are interested on Afghanistan war, aside from Tell Spring Not To Come This Year, you can also check out The Hunt for Bin Laden and Navy Seals: Their Untold Story. the other best war documentaries on Netflix you can try to watch are World War II Spy School, The Wheelchair President, Day of the Kamikaze, Unsung Heroes: The Story of American’s Female Patriots, and so on.

So, which one you are going to watch tonight? Prepare everything before you watch them.

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