Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

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There are a lot of good TV shows to watch on Netflix. if you are looking for what to watch next, here is the list of the best TV shows on Netflix that can you try. Do not forget to prepare your popcorn and your drink tonight as these TV shows will make you cannot stay aways from Netflix.

The first best TV shows to watch on netflix is Orange is the New Black. This one is like the best original show on Netflix. orange is the New Black is known as the prison dramedy with the deep, human, funny, moving, realistic, progressive show. This show is about life and the bad decisions we are all destined to make. What special about this show is that it humanizes the dehumanized. It also transforms labels of the felons, thieves, murderers, and embezzlers into the real human beings. in this show, you will be reminded that life is not put on hold, even in the prison. You cannot miss this excellent and addictive series.

The second one is called Friends. You probably know this one as it has been around for a long time, unless you are under the age of 15. Apparently, there are 10 seasons of this TV show. Friends is one of the most durable and rewatchable sitcoms ever along with the other shows like Seinfield.

The third one is The Office. There are two version of this TV show. The first one is US and the second one is UK. The original UK show mainstreamed Ricky Gervais’ awkward and uncomfortable humor. However, in the new show, it diluted it, layered on one of the best sitcom romances and surrounded Steve Carell with the remarkable and quirky supporting cast. People said that the first four seasons still are the best workplace comedy in the history of American sitcom.

The next best TV show on Netflix you have to try is The Walking Dead. Are you a fan of zombie things? Then try this one. this show is currently the highest rated scripted series on the cable television. There is an up and down in this show. The theory goes “when it is good, it is phenomenal and when it is not, it can be a slog”. The Walking Dead is so interesting as it does not case how high there are listed in the credits, is safe from the zombie apocalypse. Also, the showrunners seem to relish in killing off cast members. Go watch the show to see the fantasctic FX work of Greg Nicotero.

For those who love the investigation thing, Sherlock is the best answer. This show is like the best iteration of Sherlock Holmes ever to air on the television. The British series of it put Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the starts. This series capture the same spirit of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories. You will feel its fast paced, engrossing, brilliantly acted, often very funny, and frequently tragic thing in the series.

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