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Everyone needs sitcoms. Sitcoms are like a thing to take a break from just about anything. It is such an exit for everyone who has a stress from the day or just want a fast laugh. It is like 30-minutes doses of comical relief. For you who are looking for a nice variety of sitcoms to watch, you can consider sitcoms on Netflix. On Netflix, you will find clean and cut and old fashioned wise cracks, remakes of classic favorites, and adult animation. Here is the list of best sitcoms that currently available to stream on Netflix.

The first one is Last Man Standing. This one is about a man who had the successful and adventure-filled career as the executive at the large sporting goods company named Mike Baxter. He names himself as a man’s man. However, he is outnumbered by his wife and three daughters at home. When his wife goes back into her career after being stay at home for years, Mike finds himself having to quickly adjust to being more involved with parenting his kids.

The second sitcom on Netflix you have to watch is called Dear White People. This sitcom follows the group of young and black students. In the story, they try to adjust to attending the overwhelmingly white Ivy League school. It is where no one is quite as “over” racism as they thing they are.

The third best one is About a Boy. This sitcom tells the stories around the immature man and his new neighbors. That man is feeling protective of and responsible for his new neighbors. Apparently, his new neighbors are a dizzy single mom with her 11 year old son. This one is based on the novel with the same name. It is also spawned a movie in 2002 starring Hugh Grant.

The fourth one is entitled New Girl. It is about a girl name Jessica Day who is reeling from a breakup. Dues to this thing, she moves into the apartment with three single guys. All of the men think that she is a bit unusual. However, they still generally try to support her. They also try to help her understanding the realities of the world.

The next sitcom you have to consider is Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. In the sitcom, June has a chance at her dream job with the mortgage company in New York. So, she jumps at it. the great thing is that the job even comes with its own apartment. However, when she reaches New York for the first time, she realizes that that mortgage company gets shut down and then she loses the apartment. After that, she ends up moving in with the local con-artist named Cloe. The girl Cloe tries her schemes on June without success.

How is the list of those best sitcoms on Netflix? Which one you want to watch tonight? Prepare everything before watching those sitcoms. Hope you have a good time watching those sitcoms.

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