Best Mystery Movies on Netflix

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Watching movie is one of the most favorite things to do when you are bored or when you have free time. Usually, free time happens in the night. Some people are looking for the genres of movies that suit the night atmosphere. Thriller, horror, drama, romance, and mystery are the top ones. If romance and drama are not your cup of teas, then, why don’t you try to watch the mystery? You know, sometimes, you might want something that can heat your adrenaline, the one that can make your heart faster than before.

To enjoy a mystery movie, how about watching it on Netflix? As someone who live on the millennial era, you must be not new to the word Netflix. Netflix is probably the most popular things when it comes to watching movies and TV shows.

Most of the mystery movies are known to be predictable. The ones that featured on Netflix also have the similar characteristics. The thing in the movie can be guessed easily, especially the ending. Fortunately, you can discover some diamond among them if you dig it deeper. It is sure that you can find some best mystery movies on Netflix, both the domestic and foreign ones. You can find the one that can deliver the confusion and the curiosity. The story of the movies offered are various from a locked-room puzzle, a long fool by an excellent flimflammed, or a twisted revenge tale.

If you are too lazy to dig deeper on the official website of Netflix, here is the list of some best mystery movies on Netflix that can make your eyes open until the end. Do not forget to prepare some things like popcorn, soft drink, and coffee to accompany you. Bring your blanket along in case you need it to cover your eyes.

The first recommended best mystery movie on Netflix is Following. This one is the 1998 movie. This British movie was written and directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie begins with the conversation between Bill and a police. Basically, the movie is about a young writer who loves to follow the random strangers around the London streets. Apparently, there are some rules in the “following” process. The conflict occurs when those rules are violated by him.

The second must-watched one is entitled Exam. This one was produced in the year of 2009. Exam was starred by Luke Mably as White, Gemma Chan as Chinese Girl, Nathalie Cox as Blonde, Colin Salmon as The Invigilator, Jimi Mistry as Brown, and so on. another one is Stuart Hazeldine who takes a role as the director and the writer of the movie. The story of the movie is quite simple. It tells about eight job seekers who compete to get the job. The problem arises when they do not find the question in the room test. It is strange. In the end, they all team up and compete to discover the question.

The other best mystery movies you can watch on Netflix are The Blue Room, The Interview, Oldboy, Pontypool, Lucky Number Slevin, Dragon Tattoo Trilogy, The Wailing, The Usual Suspects, and many more.

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