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Do you love something like nuclear fallout, mysterious cataclysms, global disease, zombie pandemics, and asteroids hurtling towards Earth? Then, apocalypse movies are kind of your movie. Those things mentioned above are just a few versions of apocalypse movies.  Do you want to dig more? It is your time to watch this kind of genre on Netflix. For your reference, here is the list of apocalypse movies on Netflix for you.

The first apocalypse movie on Netflix you should check out is called The Road. This movie is such a depressing one. This one is about what happens after the world ends. Based on Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road is starring Viggo Mortensen who plays as a father who is struggling to survive with his son after the global cataclysm wiped out much population of the entire world. In this dark and bleak tale, you will enjoy the crumbling sense of humanity in the wake of the disaster. The question is what is the meaning of humanity of most of the human population died?

The second one is entitled Monsters. The story of Monsters begins the six years after a NASA space probe crash lands in, Mexico, the northern area for exact. At that time, there is a huge area of land which is under quarantine as the United States and Mexican militaries do battle with mysterious alien creatures that come into existence. Their nature and goals are so indistinct. However, Gareth Edwards as the director, do minimalistic approach to the alien monster genre help him land the Godzilla movie. In short, this movie follows a story of survival and desperation.

The next apocalypse movie on the list is Armageddon. In this movie, you will see the thing such as teaching the drillers to be astronauts. Basically, a lot of big starts including Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler team up in this movie about humanity’s best efforts to avert global disaster as a huge asteroid hurtles towards Earth. What happens next? Go watch it now because this thrilling classic movie from the late-’90s is worth to watch.

The fourth and the fifth ones are called Kill Command and The Rezort. The story of Kill Command focuses on a group of United States Marines who are trying to survive after a training mission against warfare A.I. goes wrong. As for The Rezort, it is about the tourists who are able to kill zombies for sport at the Rezort after the humanity won the war against zombies. Unfortunately, some things go wrong when the park security fails and hunters become hunted.

If the list above is not enough, you can try to watch the other ones like V for Vendetta. This one is a classic dystopian movie about oppressive government. It is also post nuclear war. This impressive movie will leave the best impression for you. Go watch everything and tell us what is best. Do not forget to prepare some snacks to accompany you while watching those movies.

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